Secret and Lies (Chapter 1)


G-dragon Dara Bigbang 2ne1 Onew Luna


Friendship, love… what will you choose? Are you willing to give up everything for the one you love or give up the one you love for a friendship that you want to protect?

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Feelings are sometimes not constant; We tend to forget someone special because we don’t see them for a long time and because we are hurt so much. But there are certain circumstances when that someone special will appear right in front of you, all of the forgotten feelings will suddenly come back.


The moment that Dara stood at YG building for their simple briefing for today’s their comeback stage, she saw BigBang in front of YG’s office. Dara is waiting for other 2ne1 members because they are in the other shuttle service.

Dara greeted the BigBang except for Ji Yong. And Ji Yong on the other hand does the same way too. These scenes were always noticed by the other YG artist and they wonder why. Seungri, to be the group’s number one nagger and most investigative fellow, always asks Ji Yong about that thing but Ji Yong always answered, he’s shy with Dara. Follow up questions arised like, why is he shy with her while he feel comfortable with the three other 2ne1 members?

On the other hand Bom, CL & Minzy keep asking Dara of that thing and Dara would just answer, “I don’t feel like getting close to him” once again, follow up question always arised “So why you don’t like to get close to him? Are you GDragon allergic or what?”

The two ofcourse can’t give the right answer ~ because the real answer is…


“Seoul 2000”

Dara and Ji Yong are schoolmates. They are bestfriends.

But when they’re in highschool, Dara confesses her feeling to Ji Yong.

Ji Yong likes Dara back then, but he chose not to admit his feelings because another friend of them who has been so close to Ji Yong also admitted to Ji Yong that he likes Dara. In short, Ji Yong opt to protect his friendship with this guy than to protect his love for Dara.

Meanwhile, Dara’s family experienced financial difficulty so her family decided to migrate to Philippines.

“Ji Yong-ah.. My family and I will move to Philippines.. But I don’t want to.. Because I want to be with you.. Because you’re the only friend I have in life.. please tell me not to go.. then I will just stay here.” Dara calmly said knowing the fact that she was already rejected at the first place asking for another reason to be with her bestfriend Ji Yong.

Ji Yong was shocked to what Dara said.. Deep inside, he really wants Dara to stay.. But he answered..

“Dara-yah, I think it will be best for us if you could just go.. You need your family more than you need a friend..”

Dara hold Ji Yong’s arms “Ji Yong-ah.. are you not even considering our friendship?”

Ji Yong closed his eyes upon hearing what Dara said.. “If only you knew how much I wanted to be right beside you Dara-yah” Ji Yong said on his thought.

He then removed Dara’s hands on his arms slowly and said “Mianhe, we’re not supposed to be on this way Dara-yah.. Just go..” then Ji Yong left without any word.

And Dara was rejected for the second time. She feels so down, she even cried out loud.

With no reasons to stay, Dara left Korea and lived at Philippines for five years.

In the other hand, Ji Yong was very busy about his training to YG. His dream is to become the world’s best rapper and song-writer.

While at training, there’s no day Ji Yong think about Dara.. If there’s something he is regretting most that is rejecting Dara not just once but twice.. However he always looks forward for the time that they would meet again.

Dara, after 6 years was finally back to Korea. She auditioned to SMent. Dara’s dream is to become a great singer dancer. But Dara was rejected at SM so she started training at JYPEnt, Ji Yong by that time is at US for his final training before debut.

At final training at JYP, she was being moved to YG. It was like heaven’s will to be in that agency, because upon her transfer to YG, she was immediately paired with Lee Min Ho for a music video. Dara was praised by YG for her activeness and she’s so cute all the way out. After that she trained as member of 2NE1, preparing for their debut the next year..

On the other side Ji Yong already made their debut across USA being with the group Big Bang.

A year later, it’s time for the two groups to meet.. Ji Yong and Dara never know that they will meet each other again.

The first meeting after couple of years was an awkward one. Dara did recognized him, deep inside she was shocked because she didn’t expect that the G-Dragon they call is the Ji Yong she used to love before.. Dara felt bitterness inside.. So she just ignored G-Dragon but greeted the other members.

G-dragon on the other hand, feels so happy that she saw Dara, but anxious at the same time that Dara might not remember him anymore..

*end of flash back*


MEN in MBLAQ DVD + MBLAQ It’s War Music Story DVD


Summary recording of MEN in MBLAQ DVD
■107 minutes all 23 tracks on this story
■ Disc.1 concert
73 minutes a total of five songs each member of a song (video ※ multi-angle) another solo stage
■ Disc.2 member
■ Disc.3 minute film Mei King Publisher: DECEMBER.32 Co., Ltd. & J.Tune Camp Co., Ltd.


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[NEWS] K-Pop Festival – Music Bank: The Biggest K-Pop Show Hits Hong Kong


Music Bank, the multi K-pop artists concert from South Korea, will be in Hong Kong for the first
time on 23 June 2012 for an exceptional show at AsiaWorld-Arena, following the phenomenal
success encountered by K-pop artists such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, CnBlue and 2PM in
the Hong Kong market recently.

Music Bank is one of the most popular music programmes from Korean Broadcasting System
(KBS) in Korea, which is broadcast live through KBS World Channel to 72 countries around the
world. This weekly entertainment programme is an opportunity to see top level K-pop artists
and is the debut vehicle for upcoming artists. It is the driving force behind the famous Hallyu
Wave (or Korean wave) sweeping across and beyond Asian markets, and has a very steady fan
base around the world as it remains one of the only shows that satisfies, every week, the fans’
craving for K-Pop.

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SHINee – Sherlock (Japanese Version)

Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

Onew   Jonghyun   Key   Minho   Taemin


SHINee’s Back, SHINee’s Back, SHINee’s Back Back Back Back Back

Toukanshika all stop kimi wa kitto shitteru
Zanshin na trick wo yomitoku hontou no kagi, hajimeyou ka mystery
Sherlock kitotte oitsumeteku, oh!

It’s you sasai na hito mo minugasanai
Neratte irun darou change you’re in my mind
It’s you kowasou nazo no me ga tamaranai
Kakusanaide chanto misete goran freeze!

Shinjitsu ga akasareru made wa
Ato ni wa hikenai ru-ru
Black or white(Black or white)
Hibana chirasu nando datte

Oh I’m curious yeah sagashiteta zutto kimi dake yeah (Sagashiteta)
Oh I’m so curious yeah, (Yeah, yeah~) I’m so curious yeah, (I’m so curious yeah~)

Hi, dear soon see your girl saa kotaete I’m in doubt
Takuranderu kibun wa dou girl nee kikasete I’m in doubt

Nigenaide kore karasa ota no shimiwa
Wakaru darou

Oh I’m curious yeah, sagashiteta kitto…

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T-ara – Lovey-Dovey (Japanese Version)

Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

Boram   Q-Ri   SoYeon   EunJung   HyoMin   HwaYoung   JiYeon

Docchi muite mo minna Love love
Atashi mainichi taikutsu baku hatsu
Ooh~ Oooh~
Samishi sugi

Fuwafuwa hitori ja tobasare sou yo
Chanto dareka ni dakishimerare te
Ooh~ Oooh~
Ooh~ Wanabi mote Girl

Chotto Lovey Dovey Dovey
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Lovey Dovey Dovey
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Hitori ni shinaide! Mou

Lovey Dovey Dovey
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Lovey Dovey Dovey
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Tsubusare sou yo Oh

Lovey Dovey Dovey
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Lovey Dovey Dovey
Uh Uh Uh Uh
Koi tsuita My heart

Tokashite yo sugu ni Don’t stop, Move your body
Mitsukete watashi wo? Rescue me

Tomodachi dake shiawase chakuchaku
Kareshi iru ko no yoko de wa rakutan
Ooh~ Oooh~
Kanashi sugi

Kurakura shite kuru fumou na puraibeeto
Kore ijou hitori ni shinaide!
Ooh~ Oooh~
Ooh~ Maji koi sutanbai

Chotto Lovey Dovey Dovey

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2NE1 – FIRE (Japanese Version)

Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

CL   Dara   Bom   Minzy


I go by the name of CL of 2NE1
It’s been a long time coming, but We’re here now
And we about to set the roof on fire baby (Uh oh)
You better get yours cause I’m gettin’ mine

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 2NE1
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh you better ring the alarm
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh we’re 2NE1
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

Come in Come in Come in shin sekai he no door
Nayami nante sayonara shite shimae yo
La La La La itsuwari naku hamingu this mero
Ha Ha Ha Ha tto name rarenai yo ni I go

Now let’s kuneru kuneru kuneru odoroyo get down
Okina yume wo yume wo yume wo tsukami ni ikou
Mayowazu ni tsugi…

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2AM Profile


Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

2AM is a South Korean four-member ballad boy band under JYP Entertainment. The members are JoKwon, JinWoon, SeuLong, and ChangMin.

Stage Name:Jo Kwon

Birth Name: Jo Kwon

Birthday: August 28, 1989

Birthplace: Suwon, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Bloodtype: A

Height: 173cm

Weight: 53 kg

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Face of the group

Education: Kyunghee University, Music Major

Family: Parents

Funny/random facts: Known in the industry as the kkap-dance master. Was a trainee for 7 years and 12 days. He was chosen as the last members of Park Jin Young’s “99% Challenge Project” along with Sunye of Wonder Girls.


Stage Name: Changmin

Birth Name: Lee Changmin

Birthday: May 1, 1986

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Bloodtype: A

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Position: Main vocalist

Education: Dongah Bangsong University, Vocal Major

Family: Parents

Funny/random facts:


Stage Name: Seulong

Birth Name:Im Seulong

Birthday: May 11, 1987

Birthplace: Unknown, South Korea


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BIG BANG Lyrics Index


Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

First Single (1st Single):

01. Intro (Put Your Hands Up)
02. We Belong Together (feat. Park Bom)
03. A Fool’s Only Tears
04. This Love (GD Solo)

Second Single (2nd Single):

01. La La La
02. My Girl
03. V.I.P

BIGBANG03 (3rd Single):

01. Victory (Intro)
02. Bigbang
03. Forever With You (featuring Park Bom)
04. Good Bye Baby
05. Laugh It Off (Daesung solo)

BigBang Vol.1 – Since 2007 (1st Album):

o1. Big Bang (Intro)
02. She Can’t Get Enough
03. Dirty Cash
04. Next Day (Seungri solo)
05. Big Boy (T.O.P Solo)
06. Shake It (featuring Ji Eun)
07. A Fool of Tears
08. My Girl (Taeyang solo)
09. La La La
10. This Love (GD Solo)
11. Laugh It Off (Daesung solo)

Always (1st Mini Album):

01. “We Are Big Bang” (Intro)
02. Lies
03. Wrong Number
04. Act Like Nothing’s Wrong (T.O.P feat. Kim JiEun)
05. Oh Ma Baby
06. Always

Hot Issue (2nd Mini Album):

01. Hot Issue…

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