G-DRAGON – This Love

Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

This love (yeah, yeah, yeah)
This love in my thuggin’ G’s in, uh
I’m tray falling, that’s right (yeah, yeah, yeah)
This is song for y’all (Yeah)

Onurun darun narbodado
Gwenhi do surpho jine
Niga bogoshipdago
Ijenun iron mardo
Harsuga obshi dweboringor
Gujo yopheso jikyoborsu
Jochado obso jongmar kuthingor

Amuri bwado babo gathaso
Hodwen gideman bupullyo
Chagag manhesso
Gure non namja chinguga inunde
Nanun gugor anunde
We gurenunji gurorsurog niga johajyo

Chinguduri nabogo byongshinire
Gyega mwoga guri jarna nyago jongshin charire
Gajigo nongore
Sang gwan obso amuryom othe
Irohgerado nor borsuman idamyon
Nan gugollo joghe

THIS LOVE dashin sarang tawin
Haji anha nomuna yawin
Ne mosubur baraboni
Weiri babo gathunji
THIS LOVE imi tonaborin
Jabgienun sarajyo borin
Doraojido anhur sarama
Molli molli naragajo gurum dwiro

Maumedo obnun ne yegi
Igosun machi LIKE hana pegi ir
Giogun nani ni…

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Secrets and lies (Chapter 5)



The YG artists arrived at 6am at their first setting. Their first setting is at Neul Paran University, Today’s AB University (AB stands for Always Blue)  Onew, Dara & GD’s alma matter.  


The first scene is for Se7en and Dara.. Because in the drama, Dara is in love with her sunbae se7en.

Se7en and Dara went to the setting while the others are standby.


“Whoa! I’m nervous with Dara-unnie.. Just how many ‘take’ will it take before she finally mem’rize the script?” Minzy is worried

“Why? What’s the matter with Dara?” GD asked.

“She got a headache last night oppa so she didn’t read well her script.” Minzy answered.

“Wae? Are you concerned with her oppa?” she added while giving a sexy smirk.

“Aniyo! I’m just curious” GD explained.

“Well, Dara-unnie we’ll be fine she’s a strong woman. Goodluck to Se7en oppa for their scenes” Then CL laughed.


On the other hand, Seungri is starting his investigation as what they have been talked about with the other members.


“Chaerin-ah! Can I ask you something?” Seungri came closer to CL.

“OH! Mwo oppa?”

“What’s wrong with Dara-noona?” he asked

“Wae? Are you curious too oppa?” CL asked

“sssshhhhh.. Please lower your voice..” Seungri said. “No, I just want to know.” He added

“gurae. She had a headache last night. Wae?” CL curiously asked


“What why?! What’s wrong in having a headache?”

“That’s what I’m about to ask you? What’s wrong? Why did she have a headache? Does she have a problem?” Seungri asked.

“uhmmmm..” CL thinks about it. “uhmmmmm?!?!” Seungri repeated CL’s reaction

“I think it’s nothing serious.” CL finally answered.

“What? Tell me what is it?” Seungri again nagged CL

“Ahhhh! Oppa! What’s wrong with you? Are you liking Dara-unnie now?!?!?!” CL shouted that everyone in the room heard it including GD.

Then GD looked at the two.

“Mwo-ya?!?” GD asked

“Aishhh!” Seungri was annoyed with what CL’s shouted


“Seungri-ah! What the hell are you doing? You’re really determined to win huh?” Daesung said smiling

“What winning? What are you talking about?” GD asked the maknae.

Seungri don’t know what to answer. He needs to lie to his hyung.

“Hyung it’s nothing. Don’t worry.” He smiled and then went out of the room.


“What the hell is this again? Onew stopped then Seungri again?” GD said to his mind.

“Wae hyung? What’s wrong?” Daesung asked GD when he noticed that GD is blankly staring into nothing

“Seungri likes Dara?” GD immediately asked

“Aniyo. It’s.. Oh.. Yes. Why?” Daesung answered him. Thinking of a tactic on how to find something between Dara and Gd. It’s Daesung’s own brilliant idea.

“But hyung please don’t tell Seungri that you know it huh. It’s only our secret” Daesung’s starting his fugitive plan.

“tsss. Secret? But you did tell me?” GD answered

“Because you asked me that’s why I have to answer.” Daesung said

“So Seungri really likes her?” GD asked again wanting to confirm everything to Daesung

“Yes hyung. Why? Is there something wrong?” Daesung asked

“Nothing. Who would not like Dara anyway, she’s so beautiful and she’s a nice person.” GD answered

“Jeongmal????????? How can you ever say that hyung? you’re not even close to her.” Daesung said as he feels like he’s just near to a hint.

“Ah. I just feel like she’s nice” GD answered avoiding Daesung interrogation

“Tell me hyung, why are you not close to her?” Daesung answered.

“aish! How many times will I tell you that I’m shy to her” GD answred

“WAEEEEEEEEE?!?! What’s the reason? You’re not even shy with other 2ne1 members

“Aish! Stop nagging okay. I’m just shy. That’s it!” GD answered

“ara! Ara! Ara!” Daesung answered back.

“Don’t worry hyung, I will know the real reason soon” Daesung on his mind


At the film  setting~

“Dara-yah you’re better than expected” complimented the director

“Kamsahamnida” she answered then bowed her head 90 degrees.

“Nice one Dara!” Se7en also complimented while raffling Dara’s hair

“Gomawo oppa! Neoddo.” Dara smiled


“Director Han, what’s our next scene? So that I can call them?” Dara to the Director

“Oh……” looking at his note “yes please tell GD, Psy and Tablo to get ready” He added.

“Ye.” Dara answered then immediately went to the waiting room.


At the waiting room~

“Unnie, you’re back!” Minzy immediately went to Dara and checked if she’s a;right.

“Yes. Don’t worry I’m fine.” She calmly said to maknae

Dara looked at GD and said “GD, Psy oppa and Tablo oppa director-oppa said that you have to get ready.”


GD looked at Dara and was shocked that for the first time she looks at him with a smiling face.

“What’s the matter with that sudden mood?” GD asked himself while he’s slowly standing up


Daesung, TOP and Taeyang just looked at each other as if they’re talking thru their eyes.


“Where is Seungri-ah?” Dara asked

GD felt like he’s about to explode upon hearing Dara looking for the Bigbang’s maknae

“Wae?” Daesung asked

“I’m just wondering why is he not here?” Dara answered


“Maybe he’s just out there hanging all alone” TOP laughed.

 Dara just nod.