Annyeong chingu!

Needless to say, I am an avid Korean Pop lover. Starting from their dramas up to the point of learning their language little by little. Through this blog, I feel even more closer to them. I discover a lot of new things. I’ve been amazed a lot. I’ve been blown away by their epic variety shows that made me really burst into laughter. Who would not like them? I’ve been trolling all the time I feel excited about their new dramas, new albums, new MVs, new CF, new guestings/guests..

The only thing I have to have is a ‘VISIT’ to their ‘HOMELAND’ KOREAΒ  πŸ™‚

I’m an ELF, a VIP, an A Plus, a B2ty, an I Am, a Primadonna, a BlackJack, and an avid fan of Running Man πŸ™‚

I love G-Dragon, Kim Heechul, Lee Joon, Lee Gikwang, Jung JinWoon and Song Seunghyun πŸ™‚

I Ship DaraGon & SoHeeChul πŸ™‚

All hail to the SUPERIORS ~ Super Junior [They’ve been my #1 bias]

MBLAQ & BIGBANG ~ The best! πŸ™‚

BEAST, FTIsland and 2am ~ πŸ™‚ Love your songss.

2NE1 ~ I love this girls! :>

to Jiyeon, Suzy, Eunjung ~ You made my Dream High :)) ❀

The Dramas that I’m loving eversince:

Perfect Match, PlayFul Kiss, My GirlFriend is a Gumiho, SungKyunkwan Scandal, God’s of Study, Mary stayed out all night, Wonderful life, Dream High 1 & 2, Fugitive Plan B, Dong Yi, and whole lot more…

The Variety shows:

SBS Running Man, KBS2 Invincible Youth, KBS2 Happy Together, KBS2 Hello Baby, SBS Intimate Note, SBS Family outing 1 & 2, Exploration of Human Body. Sesame Player, MBLAQ goes to school and whole lot more

Others: 2ne1 tv, Full House [Super Junior]

They all worth the spazz..

This is why I am all POPPED UP!


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