the G-Dragon dream.


I actually dream of him last night.. The feelings was so real.. it’s as if I’m really holding his hands and that he’s hugging me.. weird though, I really enjoyed that dream. =) I felt a little ‘kilig’ inside. The scene goes like this.. We’re at a mall i guess.. It’s like their Mall tour but it’s not yet started and there were no many people yet.. So there’s only GD, me and my friends.. I don’t know where the other BB members were. It’s like I’m singing something (can’t remember what song was that) and then GD is at my back then he suddenly gave me a back hug.. and I held his hands and looked at him.. You know the hug when you really miss a person? The feeling goes like that.. =)) And all the while, I keep on smiling.. then someone’s calling my name.. hahhaahaha. “time for breakfast” :]

(July 1, 2012) I’m actually waiting for the 2nd time that he’ll appear on my dreams. 🙂 Not that I’m really thinking of him.. I just have the ‘HARU HARU’ which he wrote repeated on my playlist.. that’s why.. hahahaha.