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Secrets and lies (Chapter 8)


It’s the third day of their filming. The weather seems not good so Dara put a hat on. GD on the other hand is still distancing himself from Seungri which made Seungri confront him.

“Ya! Hyung! Why are you not talking at me?” All of them looked at Seungri including 2NE1 members.

“Wae, what’s the matter with the two of you?” Bom asked

“Aniyo. It’s not what you think Seungri-ya. I’m not in a mood that’s why.” GD answered

Daesung is in amidst of his observation.

“Mianhe hyung.. I need to win this bet!” Daesung told himself.

When everyone’s out for lunch GD decided to remain in their room. Daesung accompanied him.

“Hyung…” Daesung started to talk

“Wae?” GD asked

“I noticed that you’re not talking to Seungri lately.. Wae hyung?” Daesung asked

GD smirked then bowed his head down.. “Jinjja?”

“Ne Hyung.. What’s the matter?” he asked again

“eobso.” GD answered

“Aish..! If it’s about Seungri liking Dara…” he haven’t finished what he’s about to tell when GD said..

“Whaat?” he gave Daesung an evil stare.

“ahhhhh! If it’s not, then what’s the reason?” Daesung asked again

“You really want to know the reason?” GD feels like saying the truth to Daesung.

“Ne hyung” Daesung answered

“I’m not talking to much with Seungri because………….” GD is in doubt

“because what hyung?” daesung really wants to know the answer. Wanting to confirm if what he’s suspecting is true.

“because I did something wrong to him..” GD answered

“What is it hyung?”

“I accidentally erased his ‘favorite Videos’ from his laptop.. and I don’t know how to tell it to him.” GD answered.

Daesung was disappointed because he didn’t hear what he wants to hear. He just sighed. Wanting to know the real thing.. Daesung get straight to the point..

“hyung! Tell me the truth, what’s up with you and Dara-noona?!” Daesung asked with no hesitations GD was even shocked.

“Mwo?” GD asked him

“Tell me, what’s up with you and Dara-noona?” Daesung repeated

“Aish jinjja!!! What makes you asked that question?” GD asked

“Based on my observation hyung, you’re not close to her.. even if you can be that closer to her, you always choose not to.” Daesung explained

“Dara-noona does the same way too.. mwo-ya? are you ex-lovers or something?” Daesung asked again with no hesitation..

“Ani.” GD simply answered

“So, why did it goes like this.. your relationship seem so cold..” Daesung said

“I like her” GD answered with no hesitation

Daesung was shocked finally GD spoke up..

“jeongmal hyung?” Daesung asked him

GD just laughed and left giving Daesung something to think about.

“Mwo-ya? Is that true? So the real reason why GD hyung don’t talk to Seungri is because GD hyung thought they liked the same person? Ahh! Majja majja!” Daesung is talking to himself.

“Who are you talking with?” a voice from nearby spoke.

“OMO TOP hyung.. you startled me to death” he said.. holding his chest.

“What’s the matter? TOP asked.


“Dara-unnie!!” Minzy is in a hurry to show some pics to Dara

“igeo mwo-ya?” CL asked Dara after seeing the pics.. Dara and Onew hugging each other

Dara take a look at the pics being in a state of a great shock.

“It’s spreading all over the internet now” Minzy worriedly said

“I think we have a misunderstanding here guys” Dara said

The director opened the TV and look who’s in an interview..

“Oh! F(x) Luna!” Bom said

They all listen to the interview.

MC: What can you say about the picture of Dara and Onew hugging each other?

Luna: *sad and about to cry* It hurts a lot. All I thought Onew has forgotten about Dara

MC: What do you mean to say?

Luna: He’s dating me now but then I’m gonna see all this photos.. him hugging his first love. It really insults the hell out of me

MC: *shocked about her statements* OMO! What do you mean first love?

Luna: Dara-unnie is Onew’s first love. I know everything about his feelings for her before but I never thought that it will all end like this

MC: Did you feel like you’re beig betrayed?
Luna: Yes, I feel like being betrayed by my boyfriend so much

MC: gurae. Soo what’s your message to Onew now?

Luna: *start crying* I really don’t know what to say now. I’m so much disappointed and to Dara you are more like a pathetic than I could ever imagine. You know that Onew and I has a relationship and you have the ability to destroy it in an instance.

Luna is really angry about what happened. She feels betrayed while the truth is.. Onew really love her..

Dara uppon hearing the interview was shocked and her heart began to beat so fast. GD also watched the interview, he immediately turned the tV off and grabbed Dara’s hand and went to away..

“Mwo-ya?” Dara shouted

“You should clean your name!” GD shouted back continued walking towards the car.. he puts Dara inside and start driving

“Where are you going?” Dara asked

“We’re going to that TV station and clear your name

“Eottoke?” Dara asked wanting to leave everything to GD

“Just trust me” GD said drove the car so fast

Then suddenly, Dara received a call from Onew..

“Wait! Onew is calling. What should I do?” Dara asked GD

“Answer it. Tell him you’re fine.. act like you’re not affected. Okay?” GD advised

“Yoboseo?” Dara trying to calm her voice

“Mianhe.. I never thought it will go like this.. mianhe for Luna’s statement” Onew said on the other line

“a…..a…” looking to GD what she’s about to tell.

GD is just signaling to tell her that it’s okay.. But Dara can’t seem to tell a lie to Onew.. SO GD grabbed the phone to Dara..

“Yoboseo.. GD here”

“Oh.. Mianhe” Onew said

“It’s okay.. we’re about to clean her name now so if you don’t mind, we need you to help her fix this situation..”


At the TV station wher Luna was interviewed..

“Look who’s here?.. Mwo-ya? After my Onew, you’re with GD-oppa too. Waaaa! I can’t believe you..” Luna bitterly said.

The two ignores her and they proceed to the studio.. GD is holding Dara’s hand

“What are you trying to do Jiyong-ah!” Dara asked him hesitantly

GD held her tightly “Trust me okay? Just stay calmly and act as I say..” GD answered

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“Like what I’ve told you. I love you” GD winked at her

Dara left speechless.

GD entered the studio holding Dara’s hand

“Mwo-ya?! It’s GD-sshi and Dara” The MC was shocked.

All the photographers took a shot of the scene they saw. GD and Dara holding hands

“Ji yong-a! Igeo mwo-ya?” Dara asked Ji yong again

GD looked at the MC

“We’re here to clear Dara’s name.. can you please put this on air.. so everyone may know her innocense

“Ne. What you saw at the picture was all true.. Onew hugged Dara.. But.. did you know why did they hugged each other?..” Gd said

“Ji yong-a.. be careful with what are you tryna say” Dara trying to remind GD

But.. GD just continue explaining..

“they hugged each other because they are friends for a long time.. They didn’t even see each other for many years.. They are good friends.. eventhough it’s true that Dara is Onew’s first love.. But I know Onew, he’s my friend too.. He loved Luna-sshi more than he loves his career.. so the pictures you see is not something to gossip about”  

Well said GD

“But.. Why are you suddenly explainig this to us? What do you know about it?” the MC asked

“Because I was there.. Just after the paparazzi took their picture..” GD explained again

“so you’re trying to say that you, Dara-sshi and Onew-sshi are friends long time ago?” MC asked

“It’s true” Dara answered.

“So Dara-sshi.. What makes you run here with GD? Are you trying to cover those things up?” the MC asked Dara this time.

“Aniyo. We’re not covering things.. We’re here to clean my name..” Dara answered

“But people saw that you and Onew are really talking seriously before you hugged each other” the MC continued interrogating

GD is already annoyed.

“You want to know the truth?” GD asked the MC

“Mwo?” asked the MC

GD suddenly kissed Dara at the lips with no doubts and hesitations leaving the audience a strong impact.. JUST TO PROVE THAT DARA ISN’T A THIRD WHEEL TO ANYONE’S RELATIONSHIP.

Everyone was shocked ofcourse.. including Dara herself and other 2ne1 and Bigbang members who’s watching on the other line..

Meanwhile, Onew arrived at the studio.. immediately proceed to the mic and explained his side

“Ne. Dara, GD and I are schoolmates before.. As what you saw at the picture, we’re hugging each other, it’s because we haven’t seen each other for a long time.. and the truth is.. GD and her is.. having this wonderful affair so please don’t bother yourself inventing things like this.. it’s no fun at all.. and to Luna-sshi.. I will always love you. Don’t believe to any lies anymore. Just believe in me.. arasseo?” Onew explained well.

Then he immediately went to GD and DAra and make a highfive to the two.. and they went all out together..

But Dara feels like she wants to slap GD on the face for what he has done.. she just controlled herself.

GD and Dara solved this problem easily.. but another problem arised.. how are they going to explain this to YG and to their groups..?

To be continued…




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