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Secrets and lies (Chapter 6)


Seungri’s POV

I was really annoyed to CL. Why did he have to shout that thing? Did I look like I like her? *shook his head*

So I’ve decided to went out the room to have fresh air.. And since this is GD-hyung’s old school, I want to take a tour then since there are no students yet because it’s still early. Classes here starts at 9am.

First I went to the school canteen. I roam around and I noticed that the school is pretty big. The canteen alone can define it.

Next I went to the library. I browsed some of the books.

I read for about half an hour. After that I opened a computer. I just realized that what I opened is the librarian’s computer when I saw the folder file name ‘Logs Timeline’. I  think about GD hyung immeadiately. Just curious if he’s really going to library. I checked each school year’s logs. I started year 2005 going down to year 2000.

I checked year 2002, finally I read his name ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ and the book he borrowed is…. 

An ALMANAC. What the hell he has to borrow an almanac? Hahaahaha I laughed very hard that I almost forgot I’m in the library.. Good thing there are no students yet. I continued browsing and then finally I saw Onew-hyung’s name at the log.

Now I remembered, Onew and GD hyung are schoolmates before.

Meanwhile, at the shooting area, GD is thinking..

“What to do? Seungri likes Dara.. Should I set her free?” he keeps on asking himself.

“GD-ah.. are you alright?” director asked him

“Ye.” Gd answered while walking towards the area of the scene.

“Till what timearewe gonna shoot hyung?” He asked the director.

“Why? Do you have another appointment?” the director asked

“Ani hyung. I just want to know.. what’s the next scene?”

“Bigbang and 2NE1’s scene” the director answered

“Ne. Hyung” GD answered

After an hour, GD, Psy and Tablo finished filming.. next up are the Bigbang and 2ne1.

At the filming area, Bigbang and 2Ne1 are already there.

“Waaaaaah! Everyone is here.. Let’s do our best guys! Hwaiting!” Seungri encourages his co-YGEnt artists.

“Yah! Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you a while ago!” Daesung screamed

“Hyung.. be calm! I just strolled around the school” Seungri answered.

“Guys stop playing.. we’ll begin now.” Said the director

There will be a scene where the partners will hold their hands because they will make a simple performance..

GD and Dara as expected is… AWKWARD.

“Hold your partners now! Ready..” Cues the director

“TOP, Taeyang and Seungri.. start holding their partner.

And GD…

Grabbed Dara’s hand immediately..  then he whisphered “Be still.” Dara looked at him..

“Wae?! You think I’ll remove my hand?” She asked him sarcastically.

“Just in case..” Then GD smirked.

“Mehrong~” Dara said..

GD looked at him..

“Are you really mad at me?” GD asked

Dara freezes. She didn’t expect GD to ask her like that.

“Why suddenly ask? Is there a reason to be mad at you?” Dara asked

“If there’s no reason, so why are you acting like you don’t know me?” GD asked

“Aish! Geumanhae!” Dara frowned.

“Arasseo arasseo..!” GD gave up asking her. He feels like he really has done a serious mistake in Dara’s life that up to now, Dara can’t forgive him.

They didn’t even noticed that the filming has ended.. After that they all went home.

After the shoot..

Taeyang noticed something about the two.. Seems like he heard something from Dara and GD’s conversation..

He was certain about what he has heard.. He just needs confirmation to it.

Taeyang tried to call Chaerin. Asking her to meet outside.

At a teahouse..

“Wae oppa? What’s the matter?” CL asked

“I need you…” Taeyang said..

“NEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” CL was shocked..

“I need you to talk something about what you know.” Taeyang said again.

CL sighed very deep! “Aish! What do you want to know oppa?” CL added

“How much do you know Dara?” Taeyang asked

“Omo! Don’t tell me you like Dara-noona too?!” CL asked.

“Am I obvious?! Please let’s just keep it a secret.” Taeyang wants to know something so he lied to CL.

“Oh! Gurae?! Wait. Seungri-oppa likes Dara.. then you like Dara too?!” CL asked

“Aniyo! Seungri doesn’t liked Dara..” Taeyang answered

“Oh.. then why is he asking about her a while ago?” CL asked wondering

“HE did that for me.” Taeyang lied again.

“Oh really?!” CL nodded “So what do you want to know about her?” she added

“How much do you know her?” Taeyang asked

“I know her since YG training.”

“and then?” Taeyang asked

“Oh.. she’s from Philippines. Actually, her family moved there. I don’t know what year..”

“What else?”

“She’s fun to be with.”

“I know. I know. What about her lovelife?”

“Oh about that, she had a boyfriend before back at Philippines but they broke up now.”


“Do I still need to know the reason why oppa? I’m an artist.. not a PI. Okay?” CL excliamed..

“Okay.. can you do me favor?” Taeyang asked


“Can you unravel her past for me?”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?! Are you crazy oppa?” CL was shocked about what Taeyang wants her to do.


“Why? What’s the reason?”

“Because I want to know her more.” Taeyang answered

“Oppa, if you want to know her more, get closer to her!”

“Andwae.. I want you to do it for me..” Taeyang insisted

“tsssk! You can’t insist me.”

“You want Teddy-hyung to produce your song?”

CL ears get bigger upon hearing Teddy Park to produce her own song.

“Of course.”

“Then you know what to do” Taeyang answered.

“But how can Teddy-oppa produce it?” CL asked

“I can talk to him..” Taeyang answered.

“Gurae! Talk to him whatever you like! But I can’t do what you want me to do!”

“Aish! Araseo! You waste the great opportunity to be with your idol and the beautiful song that is about to be a daebak!” Taeyang said. Tryna convince CL.

CL thinks deep.

“Arasseo! I will investigate her past for you!”

“Great!! You’re such a nice girl” Taeyang complimented CL.

“Aish! But be sure to make my song a daebak huh?!”




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