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Secrets and lies (Chapter 4)


On his way to YG building. GD is still thinking how to confess to Dara and how would he explain everything to her. But atleast he’s relieved now that Onew will no longer on his rival list. *laugh*

Meanwhile, at YG building 2NE1 is already there.

“YG will produce a mini drama to be aired early august next year” said their manager

“Waaaaaa! Daebak!” Minzy who wants to play a drama role is excited about what she heard

“The concept of the drama will be on a school-setting. It’s about friendship and love at the same time that binds by music. Our target viewers are the teenagers.” Explained their manager

“So how will it go?” CL asked

“We’ll explain later when everyone is here” their manager answered

Just a few minutes, Bigbang, PSY, Tablo & se7en arrived

“Our main lead is Bigbang and 2ne1. However Psy, Tablo and se7en will do a special role. Let’s start with Bigbang.. you will play your role as your own name. TOP is the school gangster leader together partner with Bom. Taeyang, you’re the school coolest guy partner with CL. Daesung, you’re the school student body president no partner. Seungri, you’re a nerd fella partner with Minzy.

GD is the most outstanding student in school partner with Dara” Dara and GD was shocked upon hearing the pairings.. Well, they have to comply with it coz without their knowing, other 2ne1 and bigbang members suggested that GD & Dara will pair up because they feel awkward with each other.

“2ne1.. Bom is a good girl. CL and Bom are bestfriends. Dara is a dumb fellow. ^^ (this is just a role to play) Psy is a music teacher. Tablo and se7en are thesunbae.” Their director continued.

Everyone was happy for their role except for Dara. Dara tried to talk to their director

“Oppa, can’t we change my role?” Dara asked

“Mianhe. I’m afraid we can’t make a way to change it.” The director answered

“ahhh Wae?!?!!?” Dara complained

“We’re about to make the shoot tomorrow morning and we can’t reshuffle it anymore Wae, are you not comfortable with your role?.” The director asked

“Ani. I.. I just can’t act with GD. I’m not comfortable with it.”

“ah. About that thing you have to endure it. Be professional. Don’t bring your personal emotion at work arasseo? I’m leaving. See you guys tomorrow at 6am” then the director left.


“I love my role but why is it that I have no partner?” Daesung complained.

“It’s okay! You have many girls outside anyway” GD teased

“tsssss. You must be happy that you’re paired up with Dara-noona ha hyung?” Daesung teased back. Eventhough Daesung and the others are the ones who insisted to pair GD with Dara.

Ji Yong freezed for a while.

“Wae? Are you jealous?” GD teased Daesung again.

“Aniyo!” Daesung answered.

The three just laughed.

“By the way hyung, how do you like your role?” Seungri asked GD

“It’s okay.. I like it.” GD smiled

“You like to be the most outstanding student? Or… You like your partner?” they laughed as they teased him. *in unison*

“ahhhhhh! Both!” he stood and went to his room.

The four looked at each other..

“hmmmm something’s really fishy with GD hyung” Daesung said

“wanna find out?” Taeyang suggested.

“Call” TOP agreed

“Ok ok let’s make a bet.. whoever solved this case, will be treated as a king for a day” Seungri suggested

“Wae? Do you know something?” Daesung asked

“Well that’s what I’m about to do” Seungri answered.

GD went out from his room. “igeo mwo-ya? Are you talking about me?” GD suspected

“Ani ani ani. Just go back to your room and write a song hyung!” Seungri answered.

“aish!” GD slammed the door.

The four made a bet. Who do they think will win?

*At 2ne1’s dorm*

“Unnie, why are you lonely?” Minzy asked Dara

“Nothing. I’m not really comfortable working with GD” Dara answered

“Wae? You don’t like GD oppa?” CL asked curiously

Dara suddenly looked at CL. Then she answered “No. Not at all!”

“Jeongmal?!?!?! Then wae? Why don’t you like to be paired with him?” Bom asked

Dara took a deep breath.

“Just endure it unnie.. GD oppa is fun to work with. You just have to discover it yourself unnie” Minzy said.

“Ne. arasseo” Dara answered back. The real thing that stressing her is the setting of the film. The location is just too good to be forgotten.


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