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Secret and lies (Chapter 7)



At the Bigbang’s dorm


Daesung noticed that GD is like distancing himself to Seungri..

“Mwo-ya? Is this the result of my plan?” Daesung tell himself. He just smirked.


TOP on the other hand.. is not really serious about the bet they made.. rather, he went to a chicken restaurant to eat. He went all alone since his members are busy.


At the chicken restaurant,



Someone shouted his name.. TOP looked behind and he saw Onew .

“Oh! Onew.. What are you doing here?” TOP asked

“This is my favorite hang out hyung!” Onew all smiles talking to TOP

“You’re so happy huh? Are you really that happy seeing me?” TOP answered.

“Aniyo. I’m always happy whenever I’m here.” Onew answered.

“I see” TOP answered

“What brings you here hyung? Where is GD and the others?” Onew asked

“Ahhh. They’re busy at the dorm. I just came here by myself” TOP answered

“oh! how’s GD by the way? Are they OK with Dara?” Onew asked

Baaaaaang! TOP blankly stared at Onew upon hearing that question.

“Yes. We’re doing a film together with 2Ne1” TOP answered. He never show that he was shocked about what Onew’s question

“Gurae? I’ll look forward to it. I want to see Dara and Ji Yong together” Onew answred

“Why did you say so?” TOP curiously answered

Onew remembered that he have to keep it a secret.


“ahhh. I’m just shipping their loveteam. It’s because I knew them both. That’s why?” Onew answered trying to make an excuse and to avoid TOP’s interrogation.


“Okay. But I noticed, they’re not really close” TOP said.

“Really? It must be something serious”

“Yea. You say so..” TOP answered


Onew suddenly think deep


“Gurae. I have to fix this thing.. I’m the reason why GD can’t confess his feelings to her” Onew said to himself.

“Wae? Something wrong?” TOP asked

“Eobtta.. My girlfriend just texted me.. I need to go hyung. See you soon” Onew upon getting his order immediately leave.


TOP is thinking too.. But since he’s not really interested with GD’s personal life, he just let this scene past. BUT A BIG QUESTION MARK IS GIVING HIM SOME DOUBT.




When Onew left the Chicken Restaurant

He called Dara.


He asked her to meet outside.


At the park.

“Wae? What’s the matter?” Dara asked Onew

“I have to tell you something.” Onew said


“Remember the last time I told you ‘I have to tell you something’?”

“ahh ye. Mianhe. I was so sad at that time that’s why I ignored you. That’s the day before we moved to Philippines.” Dara answered

“I’m happy that you still remembered that” Onew said

“Wae? What’s the matter?” Dara asked

“I’m going to tell you what I could have told you before but this time, I won’t mean anymore what I’m going to tell.

“Ok. Go ahead” Dara said calmly

“I liked you” Onew said giving Dara a great culture shock ^^

Dara was left speechless for about a minute or two. Then she start talking..

“You said you’re not going to give it any meaning anymore.. then why are you telling that to me now?” Dara asked

“Because, someone can’t love you because of me.” Onew answered. “It’s all my fault” he added

“Mwo? I can’t understand you Onew-sshi?” Dara is wondering

Onew hugged Dara “You will know soon as soon as he arrive” Onew whispered  

They both sat on a bench.. then suddenly some paparazzi noticed them and took some shot.

But they didn’t noticed it.



“Igeo mwo-ya?” GD interfered

Onew stopped hugging Dara. They both looked at GD

“Ohh. He’s here. I’m leaving first.” Said Onew.. “Goodluck bro!” tapped GD’s arm

“Gomawo!” GD thanked Onew. It’s all Onew’s plan to set up the two of them.


“What’s this? Onew ahhh!” Dara keeps on calling Onew. But Onew just wave goodbye.

Dara looked at Gd

“What the hell is this? Are you trying to set up me? You’re even using Onew for this childish thing.” Dara yelled at Gd

“Ani. I’m not using him.. Look” GD showed his phone showing Onew’s text meassage to him.

“Ok. So what is the meaning of this?” Dara asked again.

“What you heard about Onew was all true.” GD answered

“And sooo? What are you trying to tell now?”

“You know how much I mean the friendship I have with you.. and to Onew.” GD start explaining.

“What? Are you out of your mind now?”

“Can you just listen first?” GD said in a calm tone

Dara took a deep breath.

“You reject me before.. and now you want me to believe with your sweet lies?!” Dara answered

“You think I’m lying?” GD start getting annoyed

“Listen Dara-ya.. The day you confessed your feelings for me.. I was so so really happy. Heaven know’s how happy I am knowing that the one I really love for the long time also feels the way I am. But you never know how hard it is it to just keep it a secret because a friend so close to me loves her too?!”


Dara can’t believe what GD told.


“That’s why you have to reject me twice?” Dara asked sarcastically

“Aniyo. I was not able to stop you from moving to Philippines because I thought Onew can do that.. But in the end, he also failed in telling you what he feels.” GD explained


“Unbelievable!” Dara said

“I’m not lying. I … I love you Dara-yah!” GD grabbed Dara’s arms and he hugged her tight.

Dara was really shocked she can’t even move her hands.

Then tears suddenly fell from Dara’s eyed

“I could’ve been braver enough to tell you this feelings before” GD said. “I just don’t want Onew to be a rival.. because I know how much he wants you” he added.


“So what’s the point? I’m finally over it!” Dara said.

GD felt a bit disappointment.


He looked down and nod then leave.

“Can we just start a new?” Dara keeps talking while GD is walking away. 


A/N: Sorrry. I was not able to put images on it. I hope you keep on reading. Kamsahamnida. Please wait for my next update! ^^


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