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Secrets and lies (Chapter 3)


“Rumors are spreading that SHINee Onew is dating co-SMEnt artist F(x) Luna” GD heard from the television.

“Mwo-ya?! He’s making fun of Dara’s feelings?” GD told himself as he turned off the television.

“Hyung? Why’d you turned off the TV?” Daesung asked while trying to open the TV again.

“Aish! You’re just stressing yourself watching shocking news” GD answered.

“What’s shocking about that hyung, Is it bad to date anyone?” SEungri added

“Ani” GD simply answered then immediately went to his room.

He called Onew.

“Oh. Ji Yong here.”

“JiYong ah why did you call?” Onew answered on the other line.

“So the rumors are true?” GD asked

“Ne. That’s what I’m telling you yesterday.”

“ahhh. Geurae!”

“Wae? Something wrong?” Onew asked

“Eobseo. I just.. I just.. Want to confirm because I thought you love Dara” GD exclaimed

“Mwo? *laughed out loud* Yes. I love her. She’s my first love and she will always be. Aaahhhh! Why am I explaining this to you on the phone? Why not go out and let’s meet outside. I’m hanging” Onew hang the phone.

GD and Onew met at a coffee shop.

“Annyeong!” Onew greeted

GD smiled at him.

“What’s up bro? Why bring Dara-topic up?” Onew asked

“No. I’m just concerned with her” GD said

“I see.” Onew answered “tell me the truth Ji Yong ah.. Are you in love with her?” he asked

GD can’t find any word how to answer Onew’s question. He’s just left speechless.

Onew again added “naaah! Tell me! Then I have to tell you something”

GD took a deep breath.

He sighed for the nth time

“The truth is………………. I’ve got this feeling for a long long time. Just before you told me that you also like her” GD answered honestly.

Onew was shocked. “jeongmal?”

GD just smiled. “So I am the reason why you keep silent for a long time?” Onew asked

“Honestly, yes.. I don’t want you to be a rival” GD answered

“Dara is my first love. I’m really inlove with her because she’s so different. But feeling changes Ji Yong ah. I have loved her but I realized that I’m just admiring her personality but not really liked her in a romantic way. That’s why I’ve decided not to push my feelings for her” Onew explained

“Does she knew that you loved her?” GD asked

“Ani. I never had the chance to. Because the time I’m going to tell it to her, that was the time she left Korea.” He answered

“So we’re just the same.” GD sighed

“No we’re not the same.. I don’t have any reason to confess anymore. But you, you still like her don’t you? You can still confess to her.” Onew adviced

“You think so?” GD asked

“Of course.”

“But there is something you did not know up to now” GD said

“Mwo?” Onew asked

“Dara is mad at me” GD said.

“Wae?” Onew asked

“She confessed to me before she moved to Philippines but I turned her down L” GD explained

Onew was startled “Jeongmal? Wae?”

“Because you’ll got hurt” Gd answered

“Oh.. Mianhe. I didn’t know.” Onew is sorry for what had happened

“It’s okay. Don’t think about it. It’s also my fault” GD answered

Onew sighed.

“Don’t worry Onew-sshi. It’s okay. I’ll fix this myself” GD added while tapping Onew’s arms

Onew just shook his head then sigh

“So, how are you with Luna?” GD asked

Onew smiled. “Really inlove with her bro!” he answered

“I see. You must be soooo inlove with her. Introduce her to me next time” GD suggested

“No problem.” Onew smiled

“Chaaa! I’m leaving first. We still have a CF to make later” Gd said

“Gurae.” Onew said


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