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Secret and lies (Chapter 2)


A week after their meeting and before 2NE1’s comeback stage after their debut.. Ji Yong, met Dara at YG’s hallway and said “Dara-yah, can we talk?”

Dara was shocked about that sudden approach.. G-dragon introduced himself as Ji Yong.

“Dara-yah.. It’s me.. Ji Yong. Kwon Ji Yong.. Your best friend”

Dara’s ears was into half-blood when she heard the word bestfriend. Dara took a deep sigh.

She bit her lower lip and sighed again

“I know. Ok let’s deal with it huh?Let’s just pretend we don’t know each other. That’s the way it will get best G-dragon-sshi.. Gomawo. Annyeong!.” Then Dara walks towards the elevator as fast as she can.

“Dara-yah!!” Ji Yong keeps on shouting.. “aish!”


Dara at elevator feels the strong heartbeat she has inside.. She was certain that she already forgotten Ji Yong.. But now, the feeling’s suddenly coming back.. she doesn’t want to feel inlove again with Ji Yong.. coz she don’t wanna be rejected again..

After a week, it’s 2NE1’s comeback.

All the 2NE1 members arrive at YG building.. and then proceed to MNET together with BigBang.

The two was awkward with each other while the others are busy laughing with one other.

When they arrived at MNET building, SHINee is also there because it’s their comebackstage also for their single HELLO.

Ji Yong saw Onew. Onew, fyi, is the bestfriend Ji Yong had who is so much inlove to Dara years ago. Ji Yong felt happy but he was also felt a bit bitterness because he just can’t forget that he’s the reason why he can’t love Dara. Ji Yong wants to save their friendship rather than make Onew as his rival.

“Ji Yong-ah!!” Onew finally saw Ji Yong from a distance. “Oh! Onew! Waa! I can’t believe that we’ll meet here!” Ji Yong greeted and Onew then atlast saw Dara. “Oh! Dara-sshi!” Onew was shocked when she saw Dara. His eyes became wide open.

He can’t hide his happiness seeing her first love.

Dara looked back and checked who called her. She saw Onew.

“Ohhhh! Annyeong!” Dara greeted Onew and went closer to them. “Talk to you later bro!” Ji Yong taps Onew’s arm then leave. “Wae? Don’t you miss me? Wait Ji Yong ah!” Onew just shrugged.

Then Dara was already near them. She just ignored Ji Yong. “How have you been Onew?” Dara asked with a pretty big smile.

“I’m fine. J” Onew answered with a pretty pretty big smile too. “Looks like your comeback is a daebak!” Onew added while they’re walking towards the backstage.

Dara just laughed. “Gomawo. I’ll look forward with your performance too.” She answered.

“I can’t believe you and Ji Yong are from the same Ent.” Onew changed topic.

“Me too” Dara answered. “I really never expected it” she added.

“Then why is it that you suddenly disappeared before?” Onew is looking back to their past little by little. Like Ji yong, he had also never given a chance to confess his feelings to Dara.

“Oh. About that thing, I could have stayed if only things went favorable with me. But it seemed not so I moved to Philippines with my family.” Dara answered.

“What do you mean favorable?” Onew is still puzzled

Dara laughed “never mind!”

“Unnie, they’re calling us now” Minzy shouted

“Okay. I’m coming” Dara shouted back

“So, let’s just talk later!” Onew said while he’s preparing to go to their dressing room. Dara on the other hand, headed to the stage for rehearsal.

*in the stage ~ 2Ne1!*

*at the audience ~ Big Bang*

While 2NE1 is rehearsing, Bigbang is watching them.. except for G-Dragon. G-dragon is silently playing a guitar at their dressing room. They will be performing ‘Tonight’ coz there will be a part on which GD will play the guitar.

While playing the guitar, GD is in the middle of thinking things on how to solve things out because he feels like he still wants Dara and he really really never changed his decision about liking.. no!  loving her. He thought that he can fix everything about their misunderstanding but Onew suddenly entered in the picture, so he probably think that he can never make it up to Dara ever again. He’s so coward that he never tell to Onew at least what he feels.

“Hyung, let’s go.. it’s time for us to rehearse” Seungri called him.

Ji Yong immediately stood up and headed to stage. Not knowing that 2NE1 is coming over their way. Dara and GD got an eye to look. Blank stare for GD and poker face for Dara. The noisy members went silent when they noticed that the two had this intense awkward relationship.

“Hyung are you not in a mood?” Seungri asked

“No. I’m fine. Wae?” GD answered

“You looked not fine hyung. Don’t lie. I know you”

“Really? Maybe I’m just nervous for our performance” GD answered and gave a fake smile

“Aigoo! I don’t believe that a GDragon will get nervous in a performance” Seungri teased GD.

“No seriously, I’m fine” GD insisted

“Okay” Seungri answered.

At the stage, SHINee and Big Bang met again.. Onew and GD talked for a while.

“Onew~ how’s your life now?” GD asked

“Here. Super busy with our comeback and busy hiding things” Onew laughed

“What do you mean hiding things?” GD curiously asked

“This” Onew showed a couple ring

“Whoa! What about that?” GD asked

“Wanna give it to her” Onew answered

GD, upon hearing that, his face went down like you can’t explain how it goes that it’s really not good.

GD assumed that Onew is referring to Dara so GD never asked him anymore who is that ‘her’ he’s talking about.

“you heard the rumors right? It’s true bro!” Onew smiled looking at the ring.

GD feels so down.


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