Secrets and lies (Chapter 8)


It’s the third day of their filming. The weather seems not good so Dara put a hat on. GD on the other hand is still distancing himself from Seungri which made Seungri confront him.

“Ya! Hyung! Why are you not talking at me?” All of them looked at Seungri including 2NE1 members.

“Wae, what’s the matter with the two of you?” Bom asked

“Aniyo. It’s not what you think Seungri-ya. I’m not in a mood that’s why.” GD answered

Daesung is in amidst of his observation.

“Mianhe hyung.. I need to win this bet!” Daesung told himself.

When everyone’s out for lunch GD decided to remain in their room. Daesung accompanied him.

“Hyung…” Daesung started to talk

“Wae?” GD asked

“I noticed that you’re not talking to Seungri lately.. Wae hyung?” Daesung asked

GD smirked then bowed his head down.. “Jinjja?”

“Ne Hyung.. What’s the matter?” he asked again

“eobso.” GD answered

“Aish..! If it’s about Seungri liking Dara…” he haven’t finished what he’s about to tell when GD said..

“Whaat?” he gave Daesung an evil stare.

“ahhhhh! If it’s not, then what’s the reason?” Daesung asked again

“You really want to know the reason?” GD feels like saying the truth to Daesung.

“Ne hyung” Daesung answered

“I’m not talking to much with Seungri because………….” GD is in doubt

“because what hyung?” daesung really wants to know the answer. Wanting to confirm if what he’s suspecting is true.

“because I did something wrong to him..” GD answered

“What is it hyung?”

“I accidentally erased his ‘favorite Videos’ from his laptop.. and I don’t know how to tell it to him.” GD answered.

Daesung was disappointed because he didn’t hear what he wants to hear. He just sighed. Wanting to know the real thing.. Daesung get straight to the point..

“hyung! Tell me the truth, what’s up with you and Dara-noona?!” Daesung asked with no hesitations GD was even shocked.

“Mwo?” GD asked him

“Tell me, what’s up with you and Dara-noona?” Daesung repeated

“Aish jinjja!!! What makes you asked that question?” GD asked

“Based on my observation hyung, you’re not close to her.. even if you can be that closer to her, you always choose not to.” Daesung explained

“Dara-noona does the same way too.. mwo-ya? are you ex-lovers or something?” Daesung asked again with no hesitation..

“Ani.” GD simply answered

“So, why did it goes like this.. your relationship seem so cold..” Daesung said

“I like her” GD answered with no hesitation

Daesung was shocked finally GD spoke up..

“jeongmal hyung?” Daesung asked him

GD just laughed and left giving Daesung something to think about.

“Mwo-ya? Is that true? So the real reason why GD hyung don’t talk to Seungri is because GD hyung thought they liked the same person? Ahh! Majja majja!” Daesung is talking to himself.

“Who are you talking with?” a voice from nearby spoke.

“OMO TOP hyung.. you startled me to death” he said.. holding his chest.

“What’s the matter? TOP asked.


“Dara-unnie!!” Minzy is in a hurry to show some pics to Dara

“igeo mwo-ya?” CL asked Dara after seeing the pics.. Dara and Onew hugging each other

Dara take a look at the pics being in a state of a great shock.

“It’s spreading all over the internet now” Minzy worriedly said

“I think we have a misunderstanding here guys” Dara said

The director opened the TV and look who’s in an interview..

“Oh! F(x) Luna!” Bom said

They all listen to the interview.

MC: What can you say about the picture of Dara and Onew hugging each other?

Luna: *sad and about to cry* It hurts a lot. All I thought Onew has forgotten about Dara

MC: What do you mean to say?

Luna: He’s dating me now but then I’m gonna see all this photos.. him hugging his first love. It really insults the hell out of me

MC: *shocked about her statements* OMO! What do you mean first love?

Luna: Dara-unnie is Onew’s first love. I know everything about his feelings for her before but I never thought that it will all end like this

MC: Did you feel like you’re beig betrayed?
Luna: Yes, I feel like being betrayed by my boyfriend so much

MC: gurae. Soo what’s your message to Onew now?

Luna: *start crying* I really don’t know what to say now. I’m so much disappointed and to Dara you are more like a pathetic than I could ever imagine. You know that Onew and I has a relationship and you have the ability to destroy it in an instance.

Luna is really angry about what happened. She feels betrayed while the truth is.. Onew really love her..

Dara uppon hearing the interview was shocked and her heart began to beat so fast. GD also watched the interview, he immediately turned the tV off and grabbed Dara’s hand and went to away..

“Mwo-ya?” Dara shouted

“You should clean your name!” GD shouted back continued walking towards the car.. he puts Dara inside and start driving

“Where are you going?” Dara asked

“We’re going to that TV station and clear your name

“Eottoke?” Dara asked wanting to leave everything to GD

“Just trust me” GD said drove the car so fast

Then suddenly, Dara received a call from Onew..

“Wait! Onew is calling. What should I do?” Dara asked GD

“Answer it. Tell him you’re fine.. act like you’re not affected. Okay?” GD advised

“Yoboseo?” Dara trying to calm her voice

“Mianhe.. I never thought it will go like this.. mianhe for Luna’s statement” Onew said on the other line

“a…..a…” looking to GD what she’s about to tell.

GD is just signaling to tell her that it’s okay.. But Dara can’t seem to tell a lie to Onew.. SO GD grabbed the phone to Dara..

“Yoboseo.. GD here”

“Oh.. Mianhe” Onew said

“It’s okay.. we’re about to clean her name now so if you don’t mind, we need you to help her fix this situation..”


At the TV station wher Luna was interviewed..

“Look who’s here?.. Mwo-ya? After my Onew, you’re with GD-oppa too. Waaaa! I can’t believe you..” Luna bitterly said.

The two ignores her and they proceed to the studio.. GD is holding Dara’s hand

“What are you trying to do Jiyong-ah!” Dara asked him hesitantly

GD held her tightly “Trust me okay? Just stay calmly and act as I say..” GD answered

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“Like what I’ve told you. I love you” GD winked at her

Dara left speechless.

GD entered the studio holding Dara’s hand

“Mwo-ya?! It’s GD-sshi and Dara” The MC was shocked.

All the photographers took a shot of the scene they saw. GD and Dara holding hands

“Ji yong-a! Igeo mwo-ya?” Dara asked Ji yong again

GD looked at the MC

“We’re here to clear Dara’s name.. can you please put this on air.. so everyone may know her innocense

“Ne. What you saw at the picture was all true.. Onew hugged Dara.. But.. did you know why did they hugged each other?..” Gd said

“Ji yong-a.. be careful with what are you tryna say” Dara trying to remind GD

But.. GD just continue explaining..

“they hugged each other because they are friends for a long time.. They didn’t even see each other for many years.. They are good friends.. eventhough it’s true that Dara is Onew’s first love.. But I know Onew, he’s my friend too.. He loved Luna-sshi more than he loves his career.. so the pictures you see is not something to gossip about”  

Well said GD

“But.. Why are you suddenly explainig this to us? What do you know about it?” the MC asked

“Because I was there.. Just after the paparazzi took their picture..” GD explained again

“so you’re trying to say that you, Dara-sshi and Onew-sshi are friends long time ago?” MC asked

“It’s true” Dara answered.

“So Dara-sshi.. What makes you run here with GD? Are you trying to cover those things up?” the MC asked Dara this time.

“Aniyo. We’re not covering things.. We’re here to clean my name..” Dara answered

“But people saw that you and Onew are really talking seriously before you hugged each other” the MC continued interrogating

GD is already annoyed.

“You want to know the truth?” GD asked the MC

“Mwo?” asked the MC

GD suddenly kissed Dara at the lips with no doubts and hesitations leaving the audience a strong impact.. JUST TO PROVE THAT DARA ISN’T A THIRD WHEEL TO ANYONE’S RELATIONSHIP.

Everyone was shocked ofcourse.. including Dara herself and other 2ne1 and Bigbang members who’s watching on the other line..

Meanwhile, Onew arrived at the studio.. immediately proceed to the mic and explained his side

“Ne. Dara, GD and I are schoolmates before.. As what you saw at the picture, we’re hugging each other, it’s because we haven’t seen each other for a long time.. and the truth is.. GD and her is.. having this wonderful affair so please don’t bother yourself inventing things like this.. it’s no fun at all.. and to Luna-sshi.. I will always love you. Don’t believe to any lies anymore. Just believe in me.. arasseo?” Onew explained well.

Then he immediately went to GD and DAra and make a highfive to the two.. and they went all out together..

But Dara feels like she wants to slap GD on the face for what he has done.. she just controlled herself.

GD and Dara solved this problem easily.. but another problem arised.. how are they going to explain this to YG and to their groups..?

To be continued…




Secret and lies (Chapter 7)



At the Bigbang’s dorm


Daesung noticed that GD is like distancing himself to Seungri..

“Mwo-ya? Is this the result of my plan?” Daesung tell himself. He just smirked.


TOP on the other hand.. is not really serious about the bet they made.. rather, he went to a chicken restaurant to eat. He went all alone since his members are busy.


At the chicken restaurant,



Someone shouted his name.. TOP looked behind and he saw Onew .

“Oh! Onew.. What are you doing here?” TOP asked

“This is my favorite hang out hyung!” Onew all smiles talking to TOP

“You’re so happy huh? Are you really that happy seeing me?” TOP answered.

“Aniyo. I’m always happy whenever I’m here.” Onew answered.

“I see” TOP answered

“What brings you here hyung? Where is GD and the others?” Onew asked

“Ahhh. They’re busy at the dorm. I just came here by myself” TOP answered

“oh! how’s GD by the way? Are they OK with Dara?” Onew asked

Baaaaaang! TOP blankly stared at Onew upon hearing that question.

“Yes. We’re doing a film together with 2Ne1” TOP answered. He never show that he was shocked about what Onew’s question

“Gurae? I’ll look forward to it. I want to see Dara and Ji Yong together” Onew answred

“Why did you say so?” TOP curiously answered

Onew remembered that he have to keep it a secret.


“ahhh. I’m just shipping their loveteam. It’s because I knew them both. That’s why?” Onew answered trying to make an excuse and to avoid TOP’s interrogation.


“Okay. But I noticed, they’re not really close” TOP said.

“Really? It must be something serious”

“Yea. You say so..” TOP answered


Onew suddenly think deep


“Gurae. I have to fix this thing.. I’m the reason why GD can’t confess his feelings to her” Onew said to himself.

“Wae? Something wrong?” TOP asked

“Eobtta.. My girlfriend just texted me.. I need to go hyung. See you soon” Onew upon getting his order immediately leave.


TOP is thinking too.. But since he’s not really interested with GD’s personal life, he just let this scene past. BUT A BIG QUESTION MARK IS GIVING HIM SOME DOUBT.




When Onew left the Chicken Restaurant

He called Dara.


He asked her to meet outside.


At the park.

“Wae? What’s the matter?” Dara asked Onew

“I have to tell you something.” Onew said


“Remember the last time I told you ‘I have to tell you something’?”

“ahh ye. Mianhe. I was so sad at that time that’s why I ignored you. That’s the day before we moved to Philippines.” Dara answered

“I’m happy that you still remembered that” Onew said

“Wae? What’s the matter?” Dara asked

“I’m going to tell you what I could have told you before but this time, I won’t mean anymore what I’m going to tell.

“Ok. Go ahead” Dara said calmly

“I liked you” Onew said giving Dara a great culture shock ^^

Dara was left speechless for about a minute or two. Then she start talking..

“You said you’re not going to give it any meaning anymore.. then why are you telling that to me now?” Dara asked

“Because, someone can’t love you because of me.” Onew answered. “It’s all my fault” he added

“Mwo? I can’t understand you Onew-sshi?” Dara is wondering

Onew hugged Dara “You will know soon as soon as he arrive” Onew whispered  

They both sat on a bench.. then suddenly some paparazzi noticed them and took some shot.

But they didn’t noticed it.



“Igeo mwo-ya?” GD interfered

Onew stopped hugging Dara. They both looked at GD

“Ohh. He’s here. I’m leaving first.” Said Onew.. “Goodluck bro!” tapped GD’s arm

“Gomawo!” GD thanked Onew. It’s all Onew’s plan to set up the two of them.


“What’s this? Onew ahhh!” Dara keeps on calling Onew. But Onew just wave goodbye.

Dara looked at Gd

“What the hell is this? Are you trying to set up me? You’re even using Onew for this childish thing.” Dara yelled at Gd

“Ani. I’m not using him.. Look” GD showed his phone showing Onew’s text meassage to him.

“Ok. So what is the meaning of this?” Dara asked again.

“What you heard about Onew was all true.” GD answered

“And sooo? What are you trying to tell now?”

“You know how much I mean the friendship I have with you.. and to Onew.” GD start explaining.

“What? Are you out of your mind now?”

“Can you just listen first?” GD said in a calm tone

Dara took a deep breath.

“You reject me before.. and now you want me to believe with your sweet lies?!” Dara answered

“You think I’m lying?” GD start getting annoyed

“Listen Dara-ya.. The day you confessed your feelings for me.. I was so so really happy. Heaven know’s how happy I am knowing that the one I really love for the long time also feels the way I am. But you never know how hard it is it to just keep it a secret because a friend so close to me loves her too?!”


Dara can’t believe what GD told.


“That’s why you have to reject me twice?” Dara asked sarcastically

“Aniyo. I was not able to stop you from moving to Philippines because I thought Onew can do that.. But in the end, he also failed in telling you what he feels.” GD explained


“Unbelievable!” Dara said

“I’m not lying. I … I love you Dara-yah!” GD grabbed Dara’s arms and he hugged her tight.

Dara was really shocked she can’t even move her hands.

Then tears suddenly fell from Dara’s eyed

“I could’ve been braver enough to tell you this feelings before” GD said. “I just don’t want Onew to be a rival.. because I know how much he wants you” he added.


“So what’s the point? I’m finally over it!” Dara said.

GD felt a bit disappointment.


He looked down and nod then leave.

“Can we just start a new?” Dara keeps talking while GD is walking away. 


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Secrets and lies (Chapter 6)


Seungri’s POV

I was really annoyed to CL. Why did he have to shout that thing? Did I look like I like her? *shook his head*

So I’ve decided to went out the room to have fresh air.. And since this is GD-hyung’s old school, I want to take a tour then since there are no students yet because it’s still early. Classes here starts at 9am.

First I went to the school canteen. I roam around and I noticed that the school is pretty big. The canteen alone can define it.

Next I went to the library. I browsed some of the books.

I read for about half an hour. After that I opened a computer. I just realized that what I opened is the librarian’s computer when I saw the folder file name ‘Logs Timeline’. I  think about GD hyung immeadiately. Just curious if he’s really going to library. I checked each school year’s logs. I started year 2005 going down to year 2000.

I checked year 2002, finally I read his name ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ and the book he borrowed is…. 

An ALMANAC. What the hell he has to borrow an almanac? Hahaahaha I laughed very hard that I almost forgot I’m in the library.. Good thing there are no students yet. I continued browsing and then finally I saw Onew-hyung’s name at the log.

Now I remembered, Onew and GD hyung are schoolmates before.

Meanwhile, at the shooting area, GD is thinking..

“What to do? Seungri likes Dara.. Should I set her free?” he keeps on asking himself.

“GD-ah.. are you alright?” director asked him

“Ye.” Gd answered while walking towards the area of the scene.

“Till what timearewe gonna shoot hyung?” He asked the director.

“Why? Do you have another appointment?” the director asked

“Ani hyung. I just want to know.. what’s the next scene?”

“Bigbang and 2NE1’s scene” the director answered

“Ne. Hyung” GD answered

After an hour, GD, Psy and Tablo finished filming.. next up are the Bigbang and 2ne1.

At the filming area, Bigbang and 2Ne1 are already there.

“Waaaaaah! Everyone is here.. Let’s do our best guys! Hwaiting!” Seungri encourages his co-YGEnt artists.

“Yah! Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you a while ago!” Daesung screamed

“Hyung.. be calm! I just strolled around the school” Seungri answered.

“Guys stop playing.. we’ll begin now.” Said the director

There will be a scene where the partners will hold their hands because they will make a simple performance..

GD and Dara as expected is… AWKWARD.

“Hold your partners now! Ready..” Cues the director

“TOP, Taeyang and Seungri.. start holding their partner.

And GD…

Grabbed Dara’s hand immediately..  then he whisphered “Be still.” Dara looked at him..

“Wae?! You think I’ll remove my hand?” She asked him sarcastically.

“Just in case..” Then GD smirked.

“Mehrong~” Dara said..

GD looked at him..

“Are you really mad at me?” GD asked

Dara freezes. She didn’t expect GD to ask her like that.

“Why suddenly ask? Is there a reason to be mad at you?” Dara asked

“If there’s no reason, so why are you acting like you don’t know me?” GD asked

“Aish! Geumanhae!” Dara frowned.

“Arasseo arasseo..!” GD gave up asking her. He feels like he really has done a serious mistake in Dara’s life that up to now, Dara can’t forgive him.

They didn’t even noticed that the filming has ended.. After that they all went home.

After the shoot..

Taeyang noticed something about the two.. Seems like he heard something from Dara and GD’s conversation..

He was certain about what he has heard.. He just needs confirmation to it.

Taeyang tried to call Chaerin. Asking her to meet outside.

At a teahouse..

“Wae oppa? What’s the matter?” CL asked

“I need you…” Taeyang said..

“NEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” CL was shocked..

“I need you to talk something about what you know.” Taeyang said again.

CL sighed very deep! “Aish! What do you want to know oppa?” CL added

“How much do you know Dara?” Taeyang asked

“Omo! Don’t tell me you like Dara-noona too?!” CL asked.

“Am I obvious?! Please let’s just keep it a secret.” Taeyang wants to know something so he lied to CL.

“Oh! Gurae?! Wait. Seungri-oppa likes Dara.. then you like Dara too?!” CL asked

“Aniyo! Seungri doesn’t liked Dara..” Taeyang answered

“Oh.. then why is he asking about her a while ago?” CL asked wondering

“HE did that for me.” Taeyang lied again.

“Oh really?!” CL nodded “So what do you want to know about her?” she added

“How much do you know her?” Taeyang asked

“I know her since YG training.”

“and then?” Taeyang asked

“Oh.. she’s from Philippines. Actually, her family moved there. I don’t know what year..”

“What else?”

“She’s fun to be with.”

“I know. I know. What about her lovelife?”

“Oh about that, she had a boyfriend before back at Philippines but they broke up now.”


“Do I still need to know the reason why oppa? I’m an artist.. not a PI. Okay?” CL excliamed..

“Okay.. can you do me favor?” Taeyang asked


“Can you unravel her past for me?”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?! Are you crazy oppa?” CL was shocked about what Taeyang wants her to do.


“Why? What’s the reason?”

“Because I want to know her more.” Taeyang answered

“Oppa, if you want to know her more, get closer to her!”

“Andwae.. I want you to do it for me..” Taeyang insisted

“tsssk! You can’t insist me.”

“You want Teddy-hyung to produce your song?”

CL ears get bigger upon hearing Teddy Park to produce her own song.

“Of course.”

“Then you know what to do” Taeyang answered.

“But how can Teddy-oppa produce it?” CL asked

“I can talk to him..” Taeyang answered.

“Gurae! Talk to him whatever you like! But I can’t do what you want me to do!”

“Aish! Araseo! You waste the great opportunity to be with your idol and the beautiful song that is about to be a daebak!” Taeyang said. Tryna convince CL.

CL thinks deep.

“Arasseo! I will investigate her past for you!”

“Great!! You’re such a nice girl” Taeyang complimented CL.

“Aish! But be sure to make my song a daebak huh?!”



Secrets and lies (Chapter 5)



The YG artists arrived at 6am at their first setting. Their first setting is at Neul Paran University, Today’s AB University (AB stands for Always Blue)  Onew, Dara & GD’s alma matter.  


The first scene is for Se7en and Dara.. Because in the drama, Dara is in love with her sunbae se7en.

Se7en and Dara went to the setting while the others are standby.


“Whoa! I’m nervous with Dara-unnie.. Just how many ‘take’ will it take before she finally mem’rize the script?” Minzy is worried

“Why? What’s the matter with Dara?” GD asked.

“She got a headache last night oppa so she didn’t read well her script.” Minzy answered.

“Wae? Are you concerned with her oppa?” she added while giving a sexy smirk.

“Aniyo! I’m just curious” GD explained.

“Well, Dara-unnie we’ll be fine she’s a strong woman. Goodluck to Se7en oppa for their scenes” Then CL laughed.


On the other hand, Seungri is starting his investigation as what they have been talked about with the other members.


“Chaerin-ah! Can I ask you something?” Seungri came closer to CL.

“OH! Mwo oppa?”

“What’s wrong with Dara-noona?” he asked

“Wae? Are you curious too oppa?” CL asked

“sssshhhhh.. Please lower your voice..” Seungri said. “No, I just want to know.” He added

“gurae. She had a headache last night. Wae?” CL curiously asked


“What why?! What’s wrong in having a headache?”

“That’s what I’m about to ask you? What’s wrong? Why did she have a headache? Does she have a problem?” Seungri asked.

“uhmmmm..” CL thinks about it. “uhmmmmm?!?!” Seungri repeated CL’s reaction

“I think it’s nothing serious.” CL finally answered.

“What? Tell me what is it?” Seungri again nagged CL

“Ahhhh! Oppa! What’s wrong with you? Are you liking Dara-unnie now?!?!?!” CL shouted that everyone in the room heard it including GD.

Then GD looked at the two.

“Mwo-ya?!?” GD asked

“Aishhh!” Seungri was annoyed with what CL’s shouted


“Seungri-ah! What the hell are you doing? You’re really determined to win huh?” Daesung said smiling

“What winning? What are you talking about?” GD asked the maknae.

Seungri don’t know what to answer. He needs to lie to his hyung.

“Hyung it’s nothing. Don’t worry.” He smiled and then went out of the room.


“What the hell is this again? Onew stopped then Seungri again?” GD said to his mind.

“Wae hyung? What’s wrong?” Daesung asked GD when he noticed that GD is blankly staring into nothing

“Seungri likes Dara?” GD immediately asked

“Aniyo. It’s.. Oh.. Yes. Why?” Daesung answered him. Thinking of a tactic on how to find something between Dara and Gd. It’s Daesung’s own brilliant idea.

“But hyung please don’t tell Seungri that you know it huh. It’s only our secret” Daesung’s starting his fugitive plan.

“tsss. Secret? But you did tell me?” GD answered

“Because you asked me that’s why I have to answer.” Daesung said

“So Seungri really likes her?” GD asked again wanting to confirm everything to Daesung

“Yes hyung. Why? Is there something wrong?” Daesung asked

“Nothing. Who would not like Dara anyway, she’s so beautiful and she’s a nice person.” GD answered

“Jeongmal????????? How can you ever say that hyung? you’re not even close to her.” Daesung said as he feels like he’s just near to a hint.

“Ah. I just feel like she’s nice” GD answered avoiding Daesung interrogation

“Tell me hyung, why are you not close to her?” Daesung answered.

“aish! How many times will I tell you that I’m shy to her” GD answred

“WAEEEEEEEEE?!?! What’s the reason? You’re not even shy with other 2ne1 members

“Aish! Stop nagging okay. I’m just shy. That’s it!” GD answered

“ara! Ara! Ara!” Daesung answered back.

“Don’t worry hyung, I will know the real reason soon” Daesung on his mind


At the film  setting~

“Dara-yah you’re better than expected” complimented the director

“Kamsahamnida” she answered then bowed her head 90 degrees.

“Nice one Dara!” Se7en also complimented while raffling Dara’s hair

“Gomawo oppa! Neoddo.” Dara smiled


“Director Han, what’s our next scene? So that I can call them?” Dara to the Director

“Oh……” looking at his note “yes please tell GD, Psy and Tablo to get ready” He added.

“Ye.” Dara answered then immediately went to the waiting room.


At the waiting room~

“Unnie, you’re back!” Minzy immediately went to Dara and checked if she’s a;right.

“Yes. Don’t worry I’m fine.” She calmly said to maknae

Dara looked at GD and said “GD, Psy oppa and Tablo oppa director-oppa said that you have to get ready.”


GD looked at Dara and was shocked that for the first time she looks at him with a smiling face.

“What’s the matter with that sudden mood?” GD asked himself while he’s slowly standing up


Daesung, TOP and Taeyang just looked at each other as if they’re talking thru their eyes.


“Where is Seungri-ah?” Dara asked

GD felt like he’s about to explode upon hearing Dara looking for the Bigbang’s maknae

“Wae?” Daesung asked

“I’m just wondering why is he not here?” Dara answered


“Maybe he’s just out there hanging all alone” TOP laughed.

 Dara just nod.

Secrets and lies (Chapter 4)


On his way to YG building. GD is still thinking how to confess to Dara and how would he explain everything to her. But atleast he’s relieved now that Onew will no longer on his rival list. *laugh*

Meanwhile, at YG building 2NE1 is already there.

“YG will produce a mini drama to be aired early august next year” said their manager

“Waaaaaa! Daebak!” Minzy who wants to play a drama role is excited about what she heard

“The concept of the drama will be on a school-setting. It’s about friendship and love at the same time that binds by music. Our target viewers are the teenagers.” Explained their manager

“So how will it go?” CL asked

“We’ll explain later when everyone is here” their manager answered

Just a few minutes, Bigbang, PSY, Tablo & se7en arrived

“Our main lead is Bigbang and 2ne1. However Psy, Tablo and se7en will do a special role. Let’s start with Bigbang.. you will play your role as your own name. TOP is the school gangster leader together partner with Bom. Taeyang, you’re the school coolest guy partner with CL. Daesung, you’re the school student body president no partner. Seungri, you’re a nerd fella partner with Minzy.

GD is the most outstanding student in school partner with Dara” Dara and GD was shocked upon hearing the pairings.. Well, they have to comply with it coz without their knowing, other 2ne1 and bigbang members suggested that GD & Dara will pair up because they feel awkward with each other.

“2ne1.. Bom is a good girl. CL and Bom are bestfriends. Dara is a dumb fellow. ^^ (this is just a role to play) Psy is a music teacher. Tablo and se7en are thesunbae.” Their director continued.

Everyone was happy for their role except for Dara. Dara tried to talk to their director

“Oppa, can’t we change my role?” Dara asked

“Mianhe. I’m afraid we can’t make a way to change it.” The director answered

“ahhh Wae?!?!!?” Dara complained

“We’re about to make the shoot tomorrow morning and we can’t reshuffle it anymore Wae, are you not comfortable with your role?.” The director asked

“Ani. I.. I just can’t act with GD. I’m not comfortable with it.”

“ah. About that thing you have to endure it. Be professional. Don’t bring your personal emotion at work arasseo? I’m leaving. See you guys tomorrow at 6am” then the director left.


“I love my role but why is it that I have no partner?” Daesung complained.

“It’s okay! You have many girls outside anyway” GD teased

“tsssss. You must be happy that you’re paired up with Dara-noona ha hyung?” Daesung teased back. Eventhough Daesung and the others are the ones who insisted to pair GD with Dara.

Ji Yong freezed for a while.

“Wae? Are you jealous?” GD teased Daesung again.

“Aniyo!” Daesung answered.

The three just laughed.

“By the way hyung, how do you like your role?” Seungri asked GD

“It’s okay.. I like it.” GD smiled

“You like to be the most outstanding student? Or… You like your partner?” they laughed as they teased him. *in unison*

“ahhhhhh! Both!” he stood and went to his room.

The four looked at each other..

“hmmmm something’s really fishy with GD hyung” Daesung said

“wanna find out?” Taeyang suggested.

“Call” TOP agreed

“Ok ok let’s make a bet.. whoever solved this case, will be treated as a king for a day” Seungri suggested

“Wae? Do you know something?” Daesung asked

“Well that’s what I’m about to do” Seungri answered.

GD went out from his room. “igeo mwo-ya? Are you talking about me?” GD suspected

“Ani ani ani. Just go back to your room and write a song hyung!” Seungri answered.

“aish!” GD slammed the door.

The four made a bet. Who do they think will win?

*At 2ne1’s dorm*

“Unnie, why are you lonely?” Minzy asked Dara

“Nothing. I’m not really comfortable working with GD” Dara answered

“Wae? You don’t like GD oppa?” CL asked curiously

Dara suddenly looked at CL. Then she answered “No. Not at all!”

“Jeongmal?!?!?! Then wae? Why don’t you like to be paired with him?” Bom asked

Dara took a deep breath.

“Just endure it unnie.. GD oppa is fun to work with. You just have to discover it yourself unnie” Minzy said.

“Ne. arasseo” Dara answered back. The real thing that stressing her is the setting of the film. The location is just too good to be forgotten.

Secrets and lies (Chapter 3)


“Rumors are spreading that SHINee Onew is dating co-SMEnt artist F(x) Luna” GD heard from the television.

“Mwo-ya?! He’s making fun of Dara’s feelings?” GD told himself as he turned off the television.

“Hyung? Why’d you turned off the TV?” Daesung asked while trying to open the TV again.

“Aish! You’re just stressing yourself watching shocking news” GD answered.

“What’s shocking about that hyung, Is it bad to date anyone?” SEungri added

“Ani” GD simply answered then immediately went to his room.

He called Onew.

“Oh. Ji Yong here.”

“JiYong ah why did you call?” Onew answered on the other line.

“So the rumors are true?” GD asked

“Ne. That’s what I’m telling you yesterday.”

“ahhh. Geurae!”

“Wae? Something wrong?” Onew asked

“Eobseo. I just.. I just.. Want to confirm because I thought you love Dara” GD exclaimed

“Mwo? *laughed out loud* Yes. I love her. She’s my first love and she will always be. Aaahhhh! Why am I explaining this to you on the phone? Why not go out and let’s meet outside. I’m hanging” Onew hang the phone.

GD and Onew met at a coffee shop.

“Annyeong!” Onew greeted

GD smiled at him.

“What’s up bro? Why bring Dara-topic up?” Onew asked

“No. I’m just concerned with her” GD said

“I see.” Onew answered “tell me the truth Ji Yong ah.. Are you in love with her?” he asked

GD can’t find any word how to answer Onew’s question. He’s just left speechless.

Onew again added “naaah! Tell me! Then I have to tell you something”

GD took a deep breath.

He sighed for the nth time

“The truth is………………. I’ve got this feeling for a long long time. Just before you told me that you also like her” GD answered honestly.

Onew was shocked. “jeongmal?”

GD just smiled. “So I am the reason why you keep silent for a long time?” Onew asked

“Honestly, yes.. I don’t want you to be a rival” GD answered

“Dara is my first love. I’m really inlove with her because she’s so different. But feeling changes Ji Yong ah. I have loved her but I realized that I’m just admiring her personality but not really liked her in a romantic way. That’s why I’ve decided not to push my feelings for her” Onew explained

“Does she knew that you loved her?” GD asked

“Ani. I never had the chance to. Because the time I’m going to tell it to her, that was the time she left Korea.” He answered

“So we’re just the same.” GD sighed

“No we’re not the same.. I don’t have any reason to confess anymore. But you, you still like her don’t you? You can still confess to her.” Onew adviced

“You think so?” GD asked

“Of course.”

“But there is something you did not know up to now” GD said

“Mwo?” Onew asked

“Dara is mad at me” GD said.

“Wae?” Onew asked

“She confessed to me before she moved to Philippines but I turned her down L” GD explained

Onew was startled “Jeongmal? Wae?”

“Because you’ll got hurt” Gd answered

“Oh.. Mianhe. I didn’t know.” Onew is sorry for what had happened

“It’s okay. Don’t think about it. It’s also my fault” GD answered

Onew sighed.

“Don’t worry Onew-sshi. It’s okay. I’ll fix this myself” GD added while tapping Onew’s arms

Onew just shook his head then sigh

“So, how are you with Luna?” GD asked

Onew smiled. “Really inlove with her bro!” he answered

“I see. You must be soooo inlove with her. Introduce her to me next time” GD suggested

“No problem.” Onew smiled

“Chaaa! I’m leaving first. We still have a CF to make later” Gd said

“Gurae.” Onew said

Secret and lies (Chapter 2)


A week after their meeting and before 2NE1’s comeback stage after their debut.. Ji Yong, met Dara at YG’s hallway and said “Dara-yah, can we talk?”

Dara was shocked about that sudden approach.. G-dragon introduced himself as Ji Yong.

“Dara-yah.. It’s me.. Ji Yong. Kwon Ji Yong.. Your best friend”

Dara’s ears was into half-blood when she heard the word bestfriend. Dara took a deep sigh.

She bit her lower lip and sighed again

“I know. Ok let’s deal with it huh?Let’s just pretend we don’t know each other. That’s the way it will get best G-dragon-sshi.. Gomawo. Annyeong!.” Then Dara walks towards the elevator as fast as she can.

“Dara-yah!!” Ji Yong keeps on shouting.. “aish!”


Dara at elevator feels the strong heartbeat she has inside.. She was certain that she already forgotten Ji Yong.. But now, the feeling’s suddenly coming back.. she doesn’t want to feel inlove again with Ji Yong.. coz she don’t wanna be rejected again..

After a week, it’s 2NE1’s comeback.

All the 2NE1 members arrive at YG building.. and then proceed to MNET together with BigBang.

The two was awkward with each other while the others are busy laughing with one other.

When they arrived at MNET building, SHINee is also there because it’s their comebackstage also for their single HELLO.

Ji Yong saw Onew. Onew, fyi, is the bestfriend Ji Yong had who is so much inlove to Dara years ago. Ji Yong felt happy but he was also felt a bit bitterness because he just can’t forget that he’s the reason why he can’t love Dara. Ji Yong wants to save their friendship rather than make Onew as his rival.

“Ji Yong-ah!!” Onew finally saw Ji Yong from a distance. “Oh! Onew! Waa! I can’t believe that we’ll meet here!” Ji Yong greeted and Onew then atlast saw Dara. “Oh! Dara-sshi!” Onew was shocked when she saw Dara. His eyes became wide open.

He can’t hide his happiness seeing her first love.

Dara looked back and checked who called her. She saw Onew.

“Ohhhh! Annyeong!” Dara greeted Onew and went closer to them. “Talk to you later bro!” Ji Yong taps Onew’s arm then leave. “Wae? Don’t you miss me? Wait Ji Yong ah!” Onew just shrugged.

Then Dara was already near them. She just ignored Ji Yong. “How have you been Onew?” Dara asked with a pretty big smile.

“I’m fine. J” Onew answered with a pretty pretty big smile too. “Looks like your comeback is a daebak!” Onew added while they’re walking towards the backstage.

Dara just laughed. “Gomawo. I’ll look forward with your performance too.” She answered.

“I can’t believe you and Ji Yong are from the same Ent.” Onew changed topic.

“Me too” Dara answered. “I really never expected it” she added.

“Then why is it that you suddenly disappeared before?” Onew is looking back to their past little by little. Like Ji yong, he had also never given a chance to confess his feelings to Dara.

“Oh. About that thing, I could have stayed if only things went favorable with me. But it seemed not so I moved to Philippines with my family.” Dara answered.

“What do you mean favorable?” Onew is still puzzled

Dara laughed “never mind!”

“Unnie, they’re calling us now” Minzy shouted

“Okay. I’m coming” Dara shouted back

“So, let’s just talk later!” Onew said while he’s preparing to go to their dressing room. Dara on the other hand, headed to the stage for rehearsal.

*in the stage ~ 2Ne1!*

*at the audience ~ Big Bang*

While 2NE1 is rehearsing, Bigbang is watching them.. except for G-Dragon. G-dragon is silently playing a guitar at their dressing room. They will be performing ‘Tonight’ coz there will be a part on which GD will play the guitar.

While playing the guitar, GD is in the middle of thinking things on how to solve things out because he feels like he still wants Dara and he really really never changed his decision about liking.. no!  loving her. He thought that he can fix everything about their misunderstanding but Onew suddenly entered in the picture, so he probably think that he can never make it up to Dara ever again. He’s so coward that he never tell to Onew at least what he feels.

“Hyung, let’s go.. it’s time for us to rehearse” Seungri called him.

Ji Yong immediately stood up and headed to stage. Not knowing that 2NE1 is coming over their way. Dara and GD got an eye to look. Blank stare for GD and poker face for Dara. The noisy members went silent when they noticed that the two had this intense awkward relationship.

“Hyung are you not in a mood?” Seungri asked

“No. I’m fine. Wae?” GD answered

“You looked not fine hyung. Don’t lie. I know you”

“Really? Maybe I’m just nervous for our performance” GD answered and gave a fake smile

“Aigoo! I don’t believe that a GDragon will get nervous in a performance” Seungri teased GD.

“No seriously, I’m fine” GD insisted

“Okay” Seungri answered.

At the stage, SHINee and Big Bang met again.. Onew and GD talked for a while.

“Onew~ how’s your life now?” GD asked

“Here. Super busy with our comeback and busy hiding things” Onew laughed

“What do you mean hiding things?” GD curiously asked

“This” Onew showed a couple ring

“Whoa! What about that?” GD asked

“Wanna give it to her” Onew answered

GD, upon hearing that, his face went down like you can’t explain how it goes that it’s really not good.

GD assumed that Onew is referring to Dara so GD never asked him anymore who is that ‘her’ he’s talking about.

“you heard the rumors right? It’s true bro!” Onew smiled looking at the ring.

GD feels so down.

Secret and Lies (Chapter 1)


G-dragon Dara Bigbang 2ne1 Onew Luna


Friendship, love… what will you choose? Are you willing to give up everything for the one you love or give up the one you love for a friendship that you want to protect?

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Feelings are sometimes not constant; We tend to forget someone special because we don’t see them for a long time and because we are hurt so much. But there are certain circumstances when that someone special will appear right in front of you, all of the forgotten feelings will suddenly come back.


The moment that Dara stood at YG building for their simple briefing for today’s their comeback stage, she saw BigBang in front of YG’s office. Dara is waiting for other 2ne1 members because they are in the other shuttle service.

Dara greeted the BigBang except for Ji Yong. And Ji Yong on the other hand does the same way too. These scenes were always noticed by the other YG artist and they wonder why. Seungri, to be the group’s number one nagger and most investigative fellow, always asks Ji Yong about that thing but Ji Yong always answered, he’s shy with Dara. Follow up questions arised like, why is he shy with her while he feel comfortable with the three other 2ne1 members?

On the other hand Bom, CL & Minzy keep asking Dara of that thing and Dara would just answer, “I don’t feel like getting close to him” once again, follow up question always arised “So why you don’t like to get close to him? Are you GDragon allergic or what?”

The two ofcourse can’t give the right answer ~ because the real answer is…


“Seoul 2000”

Dara and Ji Yong are schoolmates. They are bestfriends.

But when they’re in highschool, Dara confesses her feeling to Ji Yong.

Ji Yong likes Dara back then, but he chose not to admit his feelings because another friend of them who has been so close to Ji Yong also admitted to Ji Yong that he likes Dara. In short, Ji Yong opt to protect his friendship with this guy than to protect his love for Dara.

Meanwhile, Dara’s family experienced financial difficulty so her family decided to migrate to Philippines.

“Ji Yong-ah.. My family and I will move to Philippines.. But I don’t want to.. Because I want to be with you.. Because you’re the only friend I have in life.. please tell me not to go.. then I will just stay here.” Dara calmly said knowing the fact that she was already rejected at the first place asking for another reason to be with her bestfriend Ji Yong.

Ji Yong was shocked to what Dara said.. Deep inside, he really wants Dara to stay.. But he answered..

“Dara-yah, I think it will be best for us if you could just go.. You need your family more than you need a friend..”

Dara hold Ji Yong’s arms “Ji Yong-ah.. are you not even considering our friendship?”

Ji Yong closed his eyes upon hearing what Dara said.. “If only you knew how much I wanted to be right beside you Dara-yah” Ji Yong said on his thought.

He then removed Dara’s hands on his arms slowly and said “Mianhe, we’re not supposed to be on this way Dara-yah.. Just go..” then Ji Yong left without any word.

And Dara was rejected for the second time. She feels so down, she even cried out loud.

With no reasons to stay, Dara left Korea and lived at Philippines for five years.

In the other hand, Ji Yong was very busy about his training to YG. His dream is to become the world’s best rapper and song-writer.

While at training, there’s no day Ji Yong think about Dara.. If there’s something he is regretting most that is rejecting Dara not just once but twice.. However he always looks forward for the time that they would meet again.

Dara, after 6 years was finally back to Korea. She auditioned to SMent. Dara’s dream is to become a great singer dancer. But Dara was rejected at SM so she started training at JYPEnt, Ji Yong by that time is at US for his final training before debut.

At final training at JYP, she was being moved to YG. It was like heaven’s will to be in that agency, because upon her transfer to YG, she was immediately paired with Lee Min Ho for a music video. Dara was praised by YG for her activeness and she’s so cute all the way out. After that she trained as member of 2NE1, preparing for their debut the next year..

On the other side Ji Yong already made their debut across USA being with the group Big Bang.

A year later, it’s time for the two groups to meet.. Ji Yong and Dara never know that they will meet each other again.

The first meeting after couple of years was an awkward one. Dara did recognized him, deep inside she was shocked because she didn’t expect that the G-Dragon they call is the Ji Yong she used to love before.. Dara felt bitterness inside.. So she just ignored G-Dragon but greeted the other members.

G-dragon on the other hand, feels so happy that she saw Dara, but anxious at the same time that Dara might not remember him anymore..

*end of flash back*

[NEWS] K-Pop Festival – Music Bank: The Biggest K-Pop Show Hits Hong Kong


Music Bank, the multi K-pop artists concert from South Korea, will be in Hong Kong for the first
time on 23 June 2012 for an exceptional show at AsiaWorld-Arena, following the phenomenal
success encountered by K-pop artists such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, CnBlue and 2PM in
the Hong Kong market recently.

Music Bank is one of the most popular music programmes from Korean Broadcasting System
(KBS) in Korea, which is broadcast live through KBS World Channel to 72 countries around the
world. This weekly entertainment programme is an opportunity to see top level K-pop artists
and is the debut vehicle for upcoming artists. It is the driving force behind the famous Hallyu
Wave (or Korean wave) sweeping across and beyond Asian markets, and has a very steady fan
base around the world as it remains one of the only shows that satisfies, every week, the fans’
craving for K-Pop.

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